I am a digital artist that uses soft, flowing images with luminous colors to express concepts and emotions.  With some of my work a color itself may be the subject but in almost all cases color is more important than the forms through which it is expressed. 

Most of my pieces start with a basic idea which could be based on something from nature, a common object or possibly just a shape or set of colors.   As I work with colors and shapes the process of flow takes over and my intuition often takes the piece in an entirely different direction from where I initially planned it to go.   

Frequently, after “completing” a work I have new insights and will create an alternate version which can then take on a life of its own.  This can lead to a series of paintings based upon a common theme or starting point.  Like many other artists my style is in a continuous state of evolution.

I hope you enjoy my art and welcome your thoughts and comments.

Frank Franiak
February 2018