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I am often asked about the process of creating different works of art.  While different techniques are used in every work, the following will demonstrate the processes used to create Out of the Vortex.  



The first step is to lay in the beginning of the background.


 Step 1



Next I added some additional colors to the background.


 Step 2

The next step is to add the main focus of the work to the foreground.  Orange symbolizes energy, vitality, excitement and adventure.    Lighter shades of blue symbolize peace, serenity, the ethereal and spiritual.  These colors are also complements that stand out well against the background.

Step 3


After seeing the initial image of the foreground, I decided this element needed to be larger and bolder to stand out more from the background so both colors were made brighter and slightly larger.  The orange in the middle of the object was changed to a gradient that moved towards a bright yellow orange.

Step 4



The next step is to blur the picture using a motion blur effect.  Motion blurring applies a filter to the digital image to create the impression of movement.

Step 5


The next step is to "twist" the image around it’s center to create the impression that the focal point is moving out of a spiraling vortex.  Because the yellow orange ball is in the center of the picture it is not as affected by the twisting motion and remains relatively stationary while the blue element shows more movement and the background shows significant movement.

Step 6



The final step is the application of a digital filter to enhance the colors.

Step 7